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  • The bike was feather weight and fast. It was able to handle the massive power transfer and we rode it with ease. The SNAAYU is armed with the perfect drive train which matches it's performance standard. And the front suspension is just bliss......racing in the trails was never this easy.

    Nikhil AnandsekarNikhil AnandsekarProfessional Cyclist
  • The bike make and geometry is fantastic. Had a really comfortable ride. There were times where we had to accelerate hard.. and the bike responded wonderfully.The route was tough. There were lot of big jumps, rocks, ditches, potholes which we had to face, and the bike showed no signs of weakness at all.The high grade of components contribute to the shaving off of weight, which helped us save a lot of energy. Has a very attractive look to it.

    Mihir DeoMihir DeoProfessional Cyclist
  • The bike rode flawlessly during the entire course of the race especially on the steep off-road descents, the pneumatics were a confidence booster to go faster on the downhill than I usually do.The remote lockout proved to be a major advantage considering the nature of the race as the road conditions kept changing and the instant switches between rigid and active suspension without any hassle was just amazing. Could ride hard and fast on the flats and rollings as well as downhill considering how solid the bike is built. 
    Arham ShaikhArham ShaikhParticipant @ NEF Enduro, Pune, Feb 2017
  • My experience with Snaayu was undoubtedly the best one! This was the first time I was riding a geared bicycle and I found it to be extremely easy to ride. The bike was gliding through the roads without any hassles. I rode it for 1100 kms from Delhi to Kathmandu and it never had any issues. The bike has a unique ride feel, blending firmness with a layer of smoothness that gives the snaayu a level of comfort that’s both unexpected and most welcome. This bike is truly going to be the choice for any aspiring bicyclist!

    Varsha SasaneVarsha SasaneCyclist, Delhi - Kathmandu Expedition 2017
  • Good looks and perfect to carry, Shodan is one of the best MTB I have used lately. It has a very effective and efficient suspension with the added advantage of remote lockout switch which is perfect for downhill.  The break system was very comfortable to use. The descents showcased the power and modulation of Shimano’s hydraulic disc brakes. More surprisingly, the bike felt great on climbs. Without a doubt I can say that we could complete the Delhi to Kathmandu expedition in record time due to the performance of the bicycle.

    Vikram Singh Vikram Singh Cyclist & Coach, Delhi - Kathmandu Expedition 2017