Our Story

The oroboros Story

India has always been a great market and is growing as a very promising and wonderful opportunity. Having had so many brands come to India from all over the world that won our hearts, we began to realise that there needed to be a way to share with the world in the same way and set foot as an Indian brand in the international market.
No passion has ever manifested without taking form. This is how Oroboros has sprung from the intention and commitment of offering the world a comfortable, healthy and pollution-free way of getting to destinations and for a better lifestyle. Steeped in India, with heartfelt efforts to give our best, our company aims to make available to all cyclists and sports enthusiasts high quality bicycles and sports gear to suit their needs.
We consider ourselves as a family more than just a brand, where anyone who buys from us, becomes a part of it.

Vision and Mission

To establish oroboros as a globally loved and recognized sports brand by contributing significantly very high-quality bicycles and sports gear to the international market