Refund and Exchange Policy

Refund and Exchange Policy

This policy applies to products purchased from any authorized sales channel partner of oroboros. Please keep your original proof of purchase, receipt, or sales order to avail this facility.

oroboros guarantees that, conform to the following conditions, refund and exchange can be requested within 7 working days of the purchasing date (subject to the actual date the product was received).

1. What is covered under the Refund and Exchange policy?

a) Manufacturing defects;

b) A Damage to the product in the transit, which was found when being unpacked and checked in the presence of the couriers;

c) The returned products not matching with the original;

2. What is not covered under Refund and Exchange policy?

a) The damage sustained in transit of the product if not reported immediately;

b) The request of refund or exchange after 7 working days of purchasing / delivery day;

c) An incomplete package that is if any part or accessory of the product is missing such as an attachment / accessory / specification / packaging material or visual damage caused by miss handling at the time of claim for Refund or Exchange.

d) A claim without producing of original bill / invoice or if found the invoice being modified or tampered.

e) A returned product found to be ok at the time of examination from oroboros Technical Support;

f) A damage occurred due to careless use of the product and entry of foreign matters ( water, oil, sand, etc.), improper installation or operation;

g) Tampering to Labels, Serial Numbers, waterproof tag, false proof mark, etc. were tampered or altered;

h) Failure and damaged caused by force majeure, including fire, flood, earthquake, and lighting strikes.

3. The refund and exchange policies need to know.

a) For exchanges, only the defective parts will be replaced;
b) Please contact for more details of refund and exchange process.


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